Saturday, February 25, 2012

Guess the Century

Guess the Century by Rollofunk
Guess the Century, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Just a random bunch of 18th century Swedish soldiers hanging out. Those traffic cones might be a bit of a give-away, though.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Beware of Passing Train on Track 1

Being passed at close range by this much fast moving stuff is pretty awesome, in a way.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Urban Hiking

This past week was pretty busy with lot's of early rises. That was reason enough not to set an alarm for Saturday morning, even though that meant that proper all-day forest adventures were out of the question. Luckily Helsinki isn't that urban yet, so five stops away with the Metro there is still nice terrain for a few hours of airing your brain.

Urban Hiking from Mikael Leppä on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Laphroaig Lineup

Laphroaig Lineup by Rollofunk
Laphroaig Lineup, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Laphroaig Tasting @Punavuoren Ahven

Hosted by Vicky Stevens of Laphroaig distillery in a lovely Scottish accent! 10 yo, Quarter Cask, Triple Wood, 27 yo, and Cairdeas 30 yo. The two last ones were a nice experience, but again for mere mortal consumption the Triple Wood might be my choice.

Helsinki, Owl City

Helsinki, Owl City by Rollofunk
Helsinki, Owl City, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Beware when out at night downtown. If you look too much like a rabbit or a rat, they might just swoop down and eat you.

Ardbeg Treat @Punavuoren Ahven

To celebrate the opening of the new Ardbeg themed tasting room at Punavuoren Ahven the distillery graciously sent over representative Karen Fullerton to deliver a special treat: A 10 year old sampling from one of their first-fill Bourbon barrels, which won't be found in a retail bottling until another 3-7 years. Beautiful taste already.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Umeshu on the Rocks

Umeshu on the Rocks by Rollofunk
Umeshu on the Rocks, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

The one we laid down in August last year. Great taste! Not too sweet.

Election Day Flag

Election Day Flag by Rollofunk
Election Day Flag, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Presidential election day is a day the flags come out. Even if they are stitched together from old plastic bags and pitched randomly out on the sea-ice.

-20°C Photowalk

-20°C Photowalk by Rollofunk
-20°C Photowalk, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Took a bit of a scenic route back home after voting this morning. Good thing the GF1 is small enough to fit into my down jacket's front pocket with the 20mm lens on. Kept it nice and warm.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Espresso Action

Espresso Action by Rollofunk
Espresso Action, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

As I didn't have time to hang around to taste the competition entries at the Barista champ's, I had to settle for a shot at home. The old Krups is still going strong.

Finnish Barista Championships 2012

Barista Antti Suomela in action today in Kluuvi. Interesting, but not really much of a spectator event; Very slow paced, and basically it's all about taste, which you can't of course see.