Sunday, May 27, 2012


ラムネ by Rollofunk
ラムネ, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

The staple festival soda of Japan had made it to the World Village Festival here in Helsinki.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old and Rare Tasting @ Punavuoren Ahven

From left to right:

Bunnahabhain 31yo (distilled 1978, bottled 2009)

Bowmore 36yo (distilled 1972, bottled 2008)

Laphroaig 27yo (distilled 1981, bottled 2008)

An evening of superlatives should suffice to describe this line-up.

Old and Rare (And One Empty)

When the last drops of a 36 year old single malt are consumed it is a special night indeed.

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C by Rollofunk
McLaren MP4-12C, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Spotted at Munich airport earlier this month.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Pilgrims Way

A short video of the joys of taking a break from a city break.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman by Rollofunk
Mini Rocketman, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Concept being readied for photo-shoot.

Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet by Rollofunk
Blue Carpet, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Kings Wood, somewhere in Kent.

Hiking Lunch, Boughton Lees

Hiking Lunch, Boughton Lees by Rollofunk
Hiking Lunch, Boughton Lees, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Not the average hiking lunch of instant noodles. Notice how the camera has tried to focus on the symbolic salad included. As if that would fool anyone.

The Pilgrims Way

The Pilgrims Way by Rollofunk
The Pilgrims Way, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

When going to London, why not pack hiking gear as well. Very nice trail spotted by V and D, of which we did an 18km stretch between the quaint Kentish villages of Charing and Chilham.

Parthenon Sculptures

Parthenon Sculptures by Rollofunk
Parthenon Sculptures, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

One can have opinions about the British subjugating and exploiting much of the world back in the day, but it sure made possible to create a great museum. Spent an afternoon going through the awesome British Museum, and felt I could have spent several more!

The Gerkhin

The Gerkhin by Rollofunk
The Gerkhin, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Been pretty busy since I got back, what with 22 hour quick visits to Munich for work and such, but had a great time in ye olde London towne! Much obliged to my gracious hosts V and D, and all the great people I had a chance to meet.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Speeding Koreans

Speeding Koreans a video by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Flying in to London yesterday, our Finnair A321 got passed over Germany by a Korean Air 747-400. Guess they were in a hurry.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Showing Colours

Showing Colours by Rollofunk
Showing Colours, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

On the surface you can't (all stereotyping aside) really say if a Finn is natively Finnish speaking or Swedish speaking. However, on the eve of May 1st the white student caps come out, and from the colours on the inside, and a few other details, you can tell a lot about the persons linguistic background.