Friday, December 30, 2011

Helsinki T2 Departures

Helsinki T2 Departures by Rollofunk
Helsinki T2 Departures, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Waiting for our Euro-tourer Mariko to arrive. Should be on the approach now. The good cafe for planespotting had been closed, so took refuge at the Congress Center balcony overlooking T2 Departures to do peoplespotting instead.

WDC2012 Preparations

WDC2012 Preparations by Rollofunk
WDC2012 Preparations, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

The day after tomorrow I'll be a designer living in the World Design Capital for a year. Will it mean a big change in anything? Probably not. Perhaps not even a small one. Invites to some design party which I'll be too busy to attend, or something? Anyway, glad they bring design into focus more and more. We'll try to live up to the expectations.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Seal Line Waterproof Phone Pouch

Yes, there is a Santa Claus, and apparently he's connected to in some way.

This nice and sturdy looking Seal Line pouch arrived by mail today, after I won day 4 of the advent calendar over at the previously mentioned site. Good first impressions. Even has a camera window in the back. And this will be needed if our winter will continue to be as wet as it's been up till now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ardbeg Family

Ardbeg Family by Rollofunk
Ardbeg Family, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Ardbeg Tasing @Punavuoren Ahven

A tasting of known suspects tonight. The only new experience was the Airigh Nam Beist, which apart from being a pleasantly smooth, sweet and flavorful version of the known Ardbeg style, had the added extra of already being discontinued. The best of the evening once again turned out to be the classic Uigeadail, however. Really suits me. Alligator worked well too, and the rear was brought up by the regular Ten and Blasda.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch by Rollofunk
Sales Pitch, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Blacksmith's Audience

Blacksmith's Audience by Rollofunk
Blacksmith's Audience, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

The 45mm, equalling a 90mm in film size, is such a nice lens for shooting people, even in poor light.


Warmth by Rollofunk
Warmth, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Almond Stand

Almond Stand by Rollofunk
Almond Stand, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Took the Oly 45mm out for a bit of trials in difficult conditions tonight: The annual Chirstmas market here in Helsinki. Varying lights, lot's of stuff in the depth range and moving people pose enough challenges for a long lens as this, but combined with the tiny GF1 body it proved a most capable tool in the busy, cramped spaces. Surprisingly many of the shots were keepers.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

And So It Begins

And So It Begins by Rollofunk
And So It Begins, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

To be fair, the first snow here in Helsinki came the night between Monday and Tuesday, but tonight's snowfall was already a much better effort.

Evening Reading

Evening Reading by Rollofunk
Evening Reading, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Academic Graffiti

Academic Graffiti by Rollofunk
Academic Graffiti, a photo by Rollofunk on Flickr.

Spotted on the construction site fence of Helsinki University Library